Summary of Scientology
Part 1
Forward, Preface, A Poem.
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It was printed in New Zealand, because at the time New Zealand had regulations restricting sending money abroad, which HASI  got round by printing books in New Zealand and sending them to England for sale. I think there was something about all org's sending 10% of their income to London. For some reason the cover is not the standard Scientology colours. You can see these in the picture on Scientolipedia at the following link: https://scientolipedia.org/info/Summary_of_Scientology


There is an ancient Eastern legend which avers that whenever the survival of the human race is threatened by man's own ignorance and degeneration, the Supreme Wisdom finds embodiment in fleshly form and a sage is born.

Be that as it may—it is at least a comforting thought in this Aquarian Age where, in place of the Pitcher of Water symbolic man stands poised with his crowning insanity, the Hydrogen Bomb !

Yet, there is hope, for who will deny but that recorded history, sullied though it is with the names of dictators and destroyers, bears evidence of the fearless few—men of vision who, undaunted by current considerations, pride and prejudice, pointed the way to a saner and happier world.

That I place L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Dianetics and Scientology, in the category of the Great, may appear presumptuous, but I offer no apology for so doing; I prefer to acknowledge his genius and courage now—and leave the world to acclaim him later.

Looking at life from the Apex of the Pyramid, Hubbard sees the Whole, while we see but a part; the periphery of his perception is too wide, too vast for a great number of us and it has often been felt that we require an interpreter—one who, having laboured with the builder since the laying of the foundation-stone of Dianetics, is able to explain in detail the purpose of each building block.

Such a one is Dr. Jack Horner, the author of this book.

Dr. Homer became interested in Dianetics early in 1950 and with but a short break, has been active in the field as Auditor, Lecturer and Instructor ever since.

In 1950 he crossed the Atlantic to introduce Dianetics to the British public and prepare the way for Dr Hubbard's visit. Nineteen fifty-four found him again in Britain, where he conducted the first, second and third Advanced Clinical Courses.

In September, 1955, Jack Horner arrived in Johannesburg to conduct the first Advanced Clinical Course in South Africa. It was here, at the beginning of 1956, that he decided to write this book—a painstaking and concise exposition of the basic factors constituting Scientology.

To the initiated and uninitiated—indeed, to all who sincerely seek for life and life more abundant, I strongly commend this book.


Note from Antony. I believe K. Cameron Gunn was a South African Scientologist. At any rate he wrote a rather similar introductory book to Scientology which I did have a copy of, but can't find it now. It possibly was only issued in South Africa. It had a slightly larger format, and a bluish cover (softcover).


This book attempts to call you forth to that greatest adventure in life . . . the understanding of life in terms of what life basically is, what it does, how it does it and why. All of this is Scientology. There is much more beyond this book which can bring greater understanding and joy into your life and you can find it if you will look. I have tried to present the basic elements of Scientology and give you some tools to use in everyday living. An understanding of life means better living and not merely the isolated philosophizing of dreamers. If I have erred in my presentation of basic material it has been unintentional. I cannot stress strongly enough that the reader should talk this material over with his local Scientologist or to obtain further written material as listed in the back of the book. Scientology offers too much to not learn as fully about it as possible. In this day of technology, the understanding of man and life is at a premium and is necessary if man is to survive. I ask you to read this book in an effort to enlarge your understanding, not in an effort to prove Scientology wrong. How do I say to you that we are a team and that we can each contribute toward a better game of life? Our effort should not be to tear each other apart but to build a better world in which to live. Scientology offers understanding and the means by which to keep enlarging it. I only ask that you pass your understanding on to others.

This book is dedicated with love and respect to L. Ron Hubbard who observed and codified the bulk of material contained in this book, and without which there would have been no book nor any Scientology. My personal acknowledgement of admiration and appreciation to Ron had best be stated in a simple " thank you ". There are many others who deserve acknowledgement in their various forms of encouragement and assistance to myself and some I will mention although this really should include all the generations of man. Dr. Helen Barton, Jim Struckmeyer, Ken and Elsa Gunn, Burke and Millen Belknap, Sue Hubbard, Elizabeth Williams; Pamela, Mary Beth, Vija Rae, Margaret Scholtz, Anton de Waal, Lyle Sudrow, Allen Fleming and Melody. I hope that your life can be filled with such friends as these and that Scientology will bring you greater wisdom, beingness and pleasure.


Johannesburg, South Africa
April, 1956

Note from Antony in 2022. I believe Jack Horner spent some time in South Africa including conducting an ACC (Advanced Clinical Courses)

Dedicated to
The dawn sweeps to sky with light and colour
and the soul grows forward with the creation of space.
The good of a man or a woman lies hidden
beneath the boulders of prejudice and the
gravel of fear. The sands and earth of
cultural agreement and structure add to
the covering. And the mountain grows. But
if a man or woman shines forth or is seen
without this false cover of materiality one
perceives kingdoms and riches which have been
but dreams to past humanity.
Have you ever seen a person as he is?
Have you ever seen a person without the wrapping
paper called for in the strings which constitute
society? A bare being bereft of prejudices, opinions,
emotions and the other considerations of life. Beauty
does not describe the attributes of being in his pure
state nor can any form really illustrate the experience.
Yet a being is serenity . . . and is a sea shredded with foam
and a lake shining with the glints of immortality . . . and
the bursting energy of a nova. . . and the coolness
of a quiet snow . . . of these one can be any and be all
and any more that is considered and created . . . the
shining breast of warm motherhood . . . the arching poise
of the male swimmer preparing to dive . . . The tousled hair
of the small child . . . and the age full wrinkle of the worn
brow . . . these are but aspects of being . . . The being - as
a man - creating the warm smoothness and understanding
in the granting of life toward a better universe. Of these
you are anyone and you are all and none so desire.
Your choice is your own as is your direction, creation and
only you create what you express.
Sept. 25, 1954.


CHAPTER 1 Scientology, A New Understanding of Life 11

CHAPTER 2 The Understanding of Understanding ... 19

Communication ... ... ... . 20

The Mechanics of Two-way Communication ... 23

The Communication Lag ... ... ... ... 28

Reality ... ... ... ... 32

The Stable Datum and Reality ... 37

Affinity ... 39

CHAPTER 3 Self-Determinism 52

CHAPTER 4 The Dynamics ... 57

CHAPTER 5 The Tone Scale ... 63

CHAPTER 6 Processing 66

CHAPTER 7 The Game of Life 73

CHAPTER 8 The Future 82


The Code of Honour ... 83

The Code of a Scientologist 84

The Factors ... 85

The Axioms ... 88

The Hubbard Association of Scientologists International • • • . 93

Publications ... . 96

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